Welcome Home!

I am a Software/Web Developer, Database Analyst and Photographer.  I live in Lady Lake, FL and work at Kevco Builders in Eustis, FL.

I am a musician, a photo-bug, shade-tree mechanic, code monkey, animal lover, and enjoy role-playing games such as the venerable classic EverQuest and table top D&D. 

Being from a Puerto Rican family, I was surrounded by guitars and singing for most of my formative years.  I picked up the guitar around 14 years old, and have been hooked ever since.

I enjoy digital photography…  A lot.  A whole lot.  I started playing around with cameras in the early 2000’s starting a long journey with a Toshiba PDR-M25 digital camera.  I have long ago retired that cool little camera and currently use a Canon 7D as my main camera.  I enjoy collecting and using vintage lenses with my current favorite the Helios M44-2, it’s a pain to focus wide open, but the results are worth it when you get it just right.

I have a soft spot for old Chevy’s.  Specifically, this one, my 1968 Caprice.

I cannot stop writing code!  I love solving problems, even non-existent ones, with computers.  I started with simple database apps, and have gone in many directions, in many languages since then.  You can check out some of the apps I have written in my Programs section.

I am an animal lover.  I tend to prefer the company of a fuzzy buddy over most people.  My home is filled with cats, dogs and horses that fill my heart with joy, smiles and endless love.

Take a peek over at my blog to see what I am up to these days.