Rhythm is Life

There is a concept called foli in Africa. Put in Western thoughts it means that rhythm is life, that life is rhythm and the two are as one and completely intertwined.  Think about it, every footstep we take is a beat, we walk at a pace, a tempo…  Each beat of our heart is a primal pounding on one the most important drum in each of us.


Guitar, Bass Guitar, Saxophone, Tuba, Didgeridoo, Djembe, Darbouka, Djun-djun and other hand percussion.

It all started with the guitar. Watching my grandfather strum and sing songs from his formative years in Puerto Rico and feeling the passion and joy that playing music gave him. I still gladly have one of his guitars that I play out on very special occasions.

African Drumming

I’ve played the African djembe for the last seven years and love the expressive nature of the instrument.  My wife and I are blessed to be drum circle facilitators; we bring our fleet of African djembe drums to school, libraries, assisted-living facilities and teach others the joy and power of drumming.

Australian Didgeridoo

Who knew how expressive a hollow log could be…  I surely didn’t until I picked up the didge and flew off to far-flung lands of creativity while exploring a sound canvas like no other.

Experimental Music

My band, Core Element, brings together African inspired drumming, didgeridoo, ambient and many other styles creating some interesting textures. The videos below are some solo creations I made for the project.

Melodic Brass Metal

Back in 2013, I was lucky enough to come by change and meet a fellow musician here in Central Florida who’s band Markradonn was exploring adding new textures and influences into Florida Death Metal.  Striking up a conversation of the Zoom R12 I was using as a mixer for my bands live performance at a local holistic fair, I discovered an incredible musical opportunity.  I’ve worked on three albums so far playing bass guitar, guitar, djembe and other hand percussion, and didgeridoo on some truly awesome tracks spanning genres from tribal to Markradonn’s own unique brass metal style.

Markradonn Live Performances