My Languages


Currently my favorite programming/scripting language.  I started playing around with Python sometime in 2008.

Web Development

I’ve been using Django in a production environment for a while now for a site that handles construction progress pictures.  It’s a constant work in progress and I am adding features and changing workflow pretty often.

Custom Scripting

I have a handful of scripts that I use as a part of my daily work routine to manage files and automate tasks.

Image Manipulation

I added rotation awareness to an existing resize routine in the above mentioned Django site.

Classic ASP

I’ve written many different websites in Classic ASP interacting with MS Access, SQL Server and MySQL over the years. Ranging from custom reporting pages to entire community intranets (social networking WAY before MySpace/Facebook).

Visual Basic (Classic)

So many programs written in this old easy to use language, I still loved the simple drag & drop GUI builder.  Some of these programs are still in active use today.  I, for example, use a program I wrote back in 2001 regularly to manage image posting and messaging.


So many apps, so little time LOL