Installing Business Contact Manager 2010

I needed to install Business Contact Manager for one of our remote sales team who wanted to try it out as an upgrade from his Excel tracking sheet he’s used for years.

After initial research I found that it had been discontinued by Microsoft and thus the search really began.

Finding the Proper Installer

I found the installation and lots of documentation here:

Error During Installation

During installation I had this error “Business Contact Manager requires outlook to be installed on the computer”

I found this answer that fixed my issue over at SuperUser:

Posted by Jen Baptist:

I had the same problem. In my constellation, the problem was generated by the leftover of a newer Office Trial Version in registry. After I removed the following registry key, the installation works:


Before that the Office Trial Version was removed via Control Panel.

This solved the problem and I now am successfully installing Business Contact Manager 2010 for Outlook 2010.